The E.P.I.C. Foundation is...
An established group of professionals striving to positively impact South Florida students through academic mentorship and scholarships. Our volunteers are qualified professionals and as we progress, we seek out mentors uniquely skilled in S.T.E.M. industries to ensure students are offered educational support and valuable insight into various career paths.

Our Mission: To provide ongoing support for students in today’s evolving education system.


For Our Students

Our relationship with each student is about the impact that we're able to make. We intend to enhance the educational experience and provide brighter futures for students facing financial hardship through academic scholarships on behalf of the E.P.I.C. Foundation. At the E.P.I.C. Foundation, we foster interests in S.T.E.M. fields, music, athletics and the arts as well. You, too, can get involved and be a part of the effort to help students reach their academic potential by partnering with the E.P.I.C. Foundation to serve exceptional students in the South Florida region.

Our Founder

South Florida native and University of Miami alumnus AJ Donaldson has nearly two decades of teaching and academic mentoring experience. In his career, he has successfully serviced more than 500 students in a variety of subjects, crafting a unique and comprehensive methodology that guarantees student cooperation and success. Per his academic mentoring methodology, each student is guaranteed to increase at least one grade-level or more.

Donaldson, as known by several of his mentees, earned a Dual Audio-Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Miami in 2003. He was also a recognized student-athlete, playing the fullback position for the Miami Hurricanes' Division-I football team from 1998 to 2000. Prior to graduating from the University of Miami, AJ volunteered his mentoring services to various private school parents, which eventually yielded the establishment of Donaldson Scholar Mentors, LLC in 2005. The organization was eventually rebranded as United Mentors, LLC in 2012.

Raised in Miami by a single mother, AJ often leaned on mentors throughout his youth to help guide him and fill the void left by an absent father. The positive encouragement and guidance from his own mentors sparked a desire to provide the same for students in his community. Donaldson's passion to help those in need culminated into the establishment of the E.P.I.C. Foundation.

AJ Donaldson

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