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Who is The EPIC Foundation?

The EPIC Foundation was established in 2014 to provide scholarships and financial aid to underserved students throughout South Florida.

EPIC has now developed independent mentoring programs and is providing viable Career Pathways for its qualified students.

Yvonne Donaldson

Yvonne Donaldson

Legacy Board Member of The EPIC Foundation

   Distinguished educator Yvonne McLaren was elected by the EPIC Foundation's Board of Directors as President. One of the most committed, dedicated, motivated, and innovative educators we have on our team, Ms. McLaren has been teaching for over forty years after acquiring both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Education with a focus on the Sciences. She has taught students from kindergarten to adults in classroom settings, groups as well as individually.


   She has extensive experience as a supervising, managing and administrating member for several small to large organizations throughout South Florida. Ms. McLaren is the founder and owner of a long established educationally based small business which continues to impact several communities today.

Our children's education is irreplaceable. Let’s build an EPIC future for them.

Our Mission

To provide ongoing support for underserved students in today’s evolving education system.

Our Vision

We seek to help more students achieve their fullest potential towards their future careers through education. To accomplish this, we provide access to hands-on mentorship, career pathways, as well as scholarships to ensure less students fall through the cracks. Our established group of qualified professionals are striving every day to positively impact underserved youth so children, no matter their socio-economic status, are supported from cradle-to-career.

Our Mission

Student Testimonials

School Bus

Grace, Miami, FL

"If it wasn’t for EPIC helping us pay for tutoring, I would’ve failed math but instead, I now know I’m actually good at it!"


Isaiah, Miramar, FL

"EPIC paid, in full, for me to complete a Certificate in Computer Systems and Information Technology from Sheridan Technical College."


Alexus, Fort Lauderdale, FL

"EPIC saved me from getting kicked out of school due to a balance my family couldn’t pay and now, I’m ready to graduate on a full scholarship to college."

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