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Back To School?

Children in South Florida are back in school, and educational equity, where all students have an equal opportunity to succeed, has never been more important. The EPIC Foundation advocates for the students they mentor, ensuring that all students' diversity makes them stronger individuals and more suited to reach their full potential. The pandemic has stunted most student’s social and emotional growth, which affects their academic abilities. Since students have been spending more time at home, a role model that is not a parent can be more effective in helping them succeed in these areas.

EPIC’s mentors are especially empathetic with their understanding of what students are going through in returning to school. The compassion they have for a student’s experience in life and their future makes them ideal, accessible confidants students need. They are the whole, passionate package. Students open up to them and improve socially and emotionally. Academically, EPIC mentors also provide direct support to students in any subject area while also enriching their future goals while helping expose and make connections to potential future occupations, which they call career pathways.

As the world shifts and job opportunities have evolved, the minds of our students must transition with it to become successful. EPIC has recognized a drastic change in career trends and its steps to inspire students around different career opportunities. By connecting students directly to a professional in a field of work they are curious to learn more about, EPIC can build a movement of motivated students working towards a future goal. This knowledge can help steer students towards career pathways that, when followed, will embrace their passions and honor their values once entering the field.

Career pathways are more important now than ever as a national phenomenon is occurring, titled The Great Resignation. People of all diversities are quitting their stable jobs to find something that fuels their passion and still provides them with a steady income.


According to the U.S. Department of Labor, during April, May, and June 2021, a total of 11.5 million workers quit their jobs. Recent studies indicate that it's likely not over. Microsoft's survey of over 30,000 workers found that 41 percent are considering quitting; that number jumps to 54 percent when Gen-Z is considered alone. Gallup found that 48 percent of employees are actively searching for new opportunities. And Persio reported that 38 percent of those they surveyed planned to make a change in the next six months.”


Your child can completely avoid this movement of changing careers after years of investment by finding a career they have a passion for first with the guidance of EPIC’s professionals as mentors. Many use their culture to become thriving entrepreneurs or their talent in STEM to reach success with alternative career pathways.

When EPIC mentors

connect and create a relationship with a mentee, they have deep conversations and discuss career options that are motivating, inspiring and find what will propel them towards a sustainable future doing something they aspire to become. These conversations can even reveal academic pathways that do not require a 4-year degree at all, like real estate, tech support, and other amazing careers. Today, many people who resign from their jobs find work they could have been doing straight out of high school or through a vocation and trade school. Families and students can save time and money by following a career path that is worthwhile from the start. Maybe it does take a 4-year degree, but there are also many more career paths to which countless Americans have seen great success.


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EPIC’s premise is: “If I knew then, what I know now.” The goal is to give students experience, guidance, and knowledge firsthand while also providing scholarships to help them get where they need to be in life!

Join EPIC in the magical setting of Bimini Island and help build student success stories!

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