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Living an EPIC life with AJ Donaldson: Men On Purpose Podcast

Episode Overview:

The system doesn't work. And even worse, we are seeing the symptoms of an educational system that has failed us and fractured our children and society. It isn't pleasant out there. When the education system is treated as an industry, profit is put above the growth of every student. This is why mentorship and community involvement has become more valuable today than it has ever been. There are paths today that put dreams and wellbeing above all else.

About the Men On Purpose Podcast:

Featuring, celebrating & digging deep into high-level Men On Purpose from around the world who have gotten clarity on their life's mission, their purpose and dedicated themselves to revealing their most on purpose & authentic selves.

This podcast's mission is to Elevate, Educate, Empower, Enrich and Evolve you to become & BE a man on purpose so you can reveal your most authentic self and live the most fulfilling regret and regret-free life possible. Join us and learn how to BE the best, highest level, sustainable, joy-filled, transparent, open, honest, most purposeful version of you yet.

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