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The Truth About Career Pathways - Continued

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One of our country's goals is to guide children towards success through the school system. It is unfortunate because, despite their efforts, this objective is not met because there isn’t necessarily “justice for all” as our country’s Pledge of Allegiance states. The Pledge, that each student recites at the beginning of every school day, does not relate to low-income and disadvantaged students striving for a successful future. How do we grant justice to them so that they can get the same opportunities as other students who have an easier time getting to their desired future destination?

You have to know the facts.

First, it is important to note that schools lean strongly towards advising students that they will need a four-year degree and potentially a postgraduate degree from a college or university to be successful. Some families have the ability to set up college savings accounts for their children days after they are born. This way, they start saving for their child’s college immediately from birth. Those families deemed low-income cannot afford that privilege and therefore, students living in low-socioeconomic areas become the children left behind. From day 1, there is a divide and the details of this divide permeate throughout a student’s journey.


The following statistics were provided by Market Watch [1] in 2018:

“3 in 10 of all parents do not put any money away for college.” FACTS.

“Just 29% of parents plan to fully cover college costs for their kids when two years ago it was 49%.” FACTS.


The following statistics were provided by Next Gen Personal Finance [2] in 2018:

“34% of High School Freshman say they do not feel prepared to pay for or manage the cost of college.” FACTS.

“52% of High School Juniors say they do not feel prepared to pay for or manage the cost of college.” FACTS.

“39% of High School Seniors say they do not feel prepared to pay for or manage the cost of college.” FACTS.


Next, there is a lack of communication and supplied information for alternate career pathways that do not include a 4-year degree from school administration and other stakeholders. This missing knowledge can be very harmful to students because when there seem to be no pathways other than getting a degree, it denies the major benefits and access to numerous alternative career opportunities. EPIC reassures students and families by mentoring them. We educate students about the multiple ways greatness can be achieved after High School. We have done extensive research and mentor students by communicating their in-depth knowledge that is too often omitted. We do this with care so that students can advance and reach their highest potential.

Generally speaking, one basic core value of students is acceptance. They want to be accepted by their families, teachers, and friends. The pressure is real to go to a 4-year college, but it can be easily alleviated with the wealth of options that are out there for the seeking. How do we get an underprivileged student from being born to becoming a successful adult especially in today’s evolving education system? The solution is knowledge of Career Pathways as soon as possible. EPIC guides students through education and connections with our corporate partners.

Students should know that they don’t have to become doctors or work for a Fortune 500 company to be successful. There are companies like DraftPros, Inc., a major corporate sponsor of EPIC, which provides an innovative career opportunity for students without a degree; at 18 no less! The Robert Morgan Institute, a technical certification school, provides direct paths towards careers in hospitality, healthcare (dentistry, patient technicians, and nursing), hospitality, culinary, cosmetology, commercial arts, automotive, and manufacturing to name a few. But there are more options, much more. Just ask EPIC! We know the scoop.

Another core issue is that disadvantaged students usually lack the knowledge that they can go to a 2-year junior college, then transfer to an instate 4-year university. It is a viable and less costly pathway to getting the same degree as a student beginning at a 4-year college. This fact can be life-changing, cutting student debt and creating a more stable future. For low-income and impoverished homes, they can be relieved to know that even though they might not be able to afford ways to maintain good grades or go to college, other Career Pathways do not require 4-year degrees. These facts can be applied for those who want to make their career in a Fortune 500 company, who most likely will not consider you for hire without a college degree. It is illogical to graduate from a university with overwhelming debt that will ultimately pervade through decades of the future when there are other viable options.


The following statistic was provided by Lending Tree [3] in 2021.

“Average Student Loan Debt in The United States. The average college debt among student loan borrowers in America is $32,731, according to the Federal Reserve.” FACTS.


The education system also leads students towards STEM careers even though Math and Science programs are struggling. Plus, there is a lack of diversity in these programs, and therefore, students from low-income families are at a loss.


The following statistic was provided by Pew Research Center [4] in 2018.

“Black and Hispanic workers continue to be underrepresented in the STEM workforce. Blacks makeup 11% of the U.S. workforce overall but represent 9% of STEM workers, while Hispanics comprise 16% of the U.S. workforce but only 7% of all STEM workers. And among employed adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher, blacks are just 7% and Hispanics are 6% of the STEM workforce.” FACTS.


EPIC is putting out viable career pathways and helping disadvantaged families find advancement and success for our mentees. EPIC is the solution for kids in low-income families who are reaching for success which is more accessible than they think. EPIC with STEM-focused mentoring programs communicates where there is oversight and provides knowledge that fills in the blanks, so after High School, students can seek the possibilities they desire. The wisdom of Career Pathways that EPIC can instill is revolutionary and without limits!

FACTS: There are many ways to get involved:

Volunteer, Join the movement! Give Today!

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