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EPIC Educational Equity

Updated: May 28, 2021

EPIC's photo about Educational Equity

A photo depicting students' desire to receive the financial aid towards continued education.

Nothing is more nail-biting than opening the document that holds your future in its contents. Not all students take the SAT and ACT, open that document with their scores, and know that they aced it on their first go around. The next step: sign up for a prep course or find a reputable tutor. A group of families decided to get together and have their kids take tutoring sessions together. One student’s family could not come up with the money that had been decided upon. The overwhelming stress from a terrifying exam is compounded by the financial responsibility this student knew his family just could not take on. There needs to be food on the table, rent paid, and tutoring was not in the cards. What happens next? Another parent in the group offer

ed to cover the bill. Easy as that! A philanthropic parent helped another family with a student in need of supplemental education. Where would this child be if not for that parent who stepped in on their behalf?

That was a real account and pure example of Educational Equity. That is what the EPIC Foundation (EPIC) does but on a larger scale. EPIC helps underprivileged students jump hurdles that seem financially impossible so they can thrive with long-term success. To do that, EPIC brings together other corporations, contributors, and sponsors that share their core values: Educational Equity, a dynamic educational experience, and empowering students. This is how The EPIC Foundation supports students and families who are struggling with financial hardship; it takes a community!

What about the students who could not afford laptop computers during this pandemic for example? Their school textbooks and resources are all online. Today, education is impossible without technology. Our students need the community’s support and EPIC creates that for them knowing their lives and futures depend on it. With over 35% of students in Miami Dade and Broward counties on scholarships and even more students in non-magnet schools on scholarship, many students still do not have laptops. A scholarship does not mean a student is provided a laptop computer. EPIC recognized that oversight and partnered with United Data Technologies. Together, both organizations provided this technology at the beginning of the pandemic when schools were closed and still do so to this day. Educational Equity at its finest! There was an immediate need and the EPIC Foundation partnered with charitable sponsors to provide what was needed for 100s of students' long-term success.

EPIC has taken direct action to bridge the gap financially for underrepresented students. For families and students that are disadvantaged, the EPIC Foundation brings organization and authentic, tangible aid that changes lives. They have courageous conversations and converse with their heart to empower students. This support and guidance creates long-term success. Our students are wrestling with enemies coming at all sides. There is a necessity for Educational Equity in our community and that is why EPIC continues to collaborate with dedicated organizations and sponsors so more students will have a chance to the success they have a right to.

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