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An EPIC Journey With AJ Donaldson: Building Men Podcast

Updated: Mar 1

In this episode, AJ talks about being raised by a single mom, his experience as a "Renaissance Man" and the important role that mentoring played in his life.

The concept of Building Men started in 2005 when as a middle school assistant principal Dennis recognized the struggles that the boys in his school were facing. The young men were experiencing disciplinary incidents, suspensions, truancy, failing grades, retention, and classification into special education at an alarming level when compared to their female counterparts.

Dennis used his background in adolescent development, sociology, and mental health to develop the framework for a social group to address what it meant to be a man in society. Anthony, being 14 years younger than Dennis, was introduced to Building Men at a young age and this movement became the catalyst that transformed him into the man he is today. Now Dennis and Anthony work with individuals, schools, and organizations all over the country providing professional development, assembly programming, motivational speaking, and life coaching.

On the Building Men Podcast, Dennis and Anthony Morolda laugh, sing, cry and have the honor to tackle disruptive topics with specialists,

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